Being compassionate

Being compassionate

“Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight and followed him.” Matthew 20:34

Jesus is making his way to Jerusalem where he will be crucified. Before Jesus arrives, he has a conversation with his disciples about servanthood. Two disciples ask Jesus to give them the prominent places on his left and right when He comes to power. The other disciples are angry with James and John’s blatant grab for power and prominence.

Jesus uses the occasion to teach his disciples that they have the wrong understanding of leadership in His kingdom. The world measures leadership by how many people serve us. Jesus says He measures leadership by how many people we enable and empower to serve God. It’s interesting that our word minister, which simply means helper, has become a badge of honor and power in the religious and political world.

The story that follows, which has a contrast to two disciples that demand privileges. Here are two beggars that plead only for mercy. Jesus turns down the two disciples, but he grants the request of the two beggars.

The crowd tries to hush the beggars. Perhaps they feel that it is inappropriate to interrupt the Son of David as he is on the eve of his triumphant entry. However, Jesus illustrates what he was teaching his disciples. He came to serve not to be served.

It appears to be a simple fact, “Jesus stopped” (v. 32). He is facing the last week of His life. He’s on His way to Jerusalem where He will be crucified. There’s so much to be done before He departs. Currently, He is a religious celebrity. Many people want His attention. Many want to just be near Him. The last thing He needs is to deal with a couple of nobodies. He does what no one in that crowd would have done if they were in His place. But, if you are going to serve in the church or anywhere else, it will require a significant decision. You will need to slow your pace.

Jesus was a busy man. He had a lot to do but he was not hurried. We don’t read about Jesus running to keep an appointment. Jesus always took the time to stay connected to His Father. That’s why He always had time to love people in the midst of a busy schedule.

When these two men learned who was passing by, they knew of Jesus’ reputation for healing. This might be their last opportunity. They begin to scream at the top of their lungs to gain Jesus’ attention. There profession of Jesus as the Son of David is an acknowledgement that they believe He is the promised Messiah. The blind men threw themselves on the mercy of Jesus.

The crowd tries to hush them. They are like the James and John who came to Jesus in the previous story. The crowd is only thinking of themselves. Here are two very needy men who are within shouting distance of the Great Physician. Thankfully, Jesus didn’t have the crowd’s perspective on the blind men.

Never diminish the small acts of service for Christ. Open your eyes to see this life from God’s perspective, and we cannot help but get involved in some way in serving in our churches.

A compassionate heart finds it impossible to remain neutral when it sees a need. It is a reminder that the first message we must deliver to this lost world is “God cares.” They learn that message through our acts of kindness and helpfulness.
We need to let God touch our heart with His compassion. The love of God serves. When we serve out of the love of God, we will experience this spiral of joy and celebration.

Question to ponder:

Am I seeing lives around me with God’s perspective?

Have a blessed week that you would see lives around you with compassionate heart to serve!

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